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A welcoming retreat for the hottest days

Since 1988, the year of its foundation, Elios Parasols has represented excellence in the outdoor furniture industry, offering high quality garden parasols with central pole and cantilever arm at competitive prices. The company, filled by a lively entrepreneurial spirit, has been able to keep up with the times and, year after year, renew and enrich its product offerings, constantly developing itself to follow trends and expand the market share that, with commitment and dedication, they have managed to secure.

Today the product offerings includes the traditional models, the basis of Elios’ success, together with more modern and technologically advanced versions, such as the parasols equipped with solar-powered LED lights on the internal ribs.

This variety of products allows the brand to achieve a large audience of potential customers, from private individuals looking for a product for their garden to professionals with specific needs in terms of resistance and construction quality (for example, hotel, restaurant, swimming pool and hospitality facilities managers in general).

Elios Parasol

Windproof vent

What is the worst enemy of garden parasols?

Undoubtedly the wind, the main cause of structural damage and tears. To prevent this atmospheric agent from becoming a problem, our parasols are equipped with an accessory that significantly extends the life of the product.

It is a particular windproof vent that allows gusts of air to enter and exit the fabric without encountering much resistance and, consequently, without damaging the fabric.

Elios Parasol
Elios Parasol

Anti-UV protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is a priority that we unfortunately tend to underestimate, thus exposing ourselves to risks that can damage our health. When choosing a garden parasol it is essential to evaluate the characteristics of the coating. In addition to the weight and wind resistance, the level of protection from UV rays must also be taken into consideration.

The innovative fabric of our parasols, the result of a long research process carried out by our specialized technicians, ensures a pleasant cool feeling (10° C less than the outside temperature) and shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


Everyone loves the sun but often, when the temperatures rise, it is important to protect yourself from its rays to avoid discomfort. With an Elios garden parasol you will have a welcoming retreat where you can spend even the hottest days in total safety, protected from sunburns and heatstroke.

In our selection you will find square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal garden parasols, designed to satisfy every request in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The excellent characteristics possessed by each model make the quality / price ratio of these products absolutely unbeatable.

Elios Parasol


Elios Parasol


Elios Parasol


Elios Parasol


Elios Parasol

Central pole
garden parasols

Practical and traditional models, available in various sizes and colors

Elios Parasol


Versatile and very functional, it is the perfect version to optimize space


When decorating a garden or a terrace, the space available plays a fundamental role in choosing the most suitable parasol, for this reason we offer our customers versions with central pole and cantilever arm, in order to satisfy the most varied needs.

All models are characterized by a modern and versatile design that allows them to be placed in any outdoor space.

Everyone wants a sunny place; possibly, a shady one.

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